Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fearlessly Ridiculous

Some of you might know that a few weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday.  Two days beforehand, I posted this tweet:
                This is it.  The last 48 hours of my twenties.  Some people spend this time being sad.  
                I'm gonna spend it being awesome.

And I did.  I enjoyed every second of it. I shopped, played with my kids, got my hair done, treated myself to Starbucks, went out of town with girlfriends, and wrapped it up with an awesome martial arts class.  When I woke up that Wednesday morning, I felt no different than when I fell asleep on Tuesday night. 

Of course, I would be lying if I said that I gave absolutely no thought to the passing of my third decade on this planet.  Over the last two weeks a few things have been brought to the forefront of my mind, and whether they are related or not to my being a "smidge" older, I wanted to share them.

The people I love need to hear me say it.  This one is sooooo cliche, I know.  But I just can't help it.  Today, this very day, three different people, who are not related to me, told me that they love me.  Three.  Of course I already knew cognitively that these particular people are fond of me and probably do love me, but they don't usually say it.  And it hit me. My husband, my kids, my parents, they hear me say I Love You all the time, every day.  But what about the other people I love?  They rarely hear me say those three little words. Because well... it's weird.  But weird or not, we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, if you love someone tell them. Go tell them now.  Right now.  I'll wait.....

The people I appreciate need to hear me say it. This is along the same lines and is just as cliche as the above.  Unexpressed gratitude isn't really gratitude at all.  If you appreciate someone, if you are grateful for something they've done or simply who they are, tell them!  Post it on their facebook wall, send a card, call them, text them, hire a skywriter, but make sure they know.

Life is too short to not feel beautiful.  I don't know if there has ever been a time in my life that I've felt more beautiful than I do right now.  And it has very little, if anything to do with what I look like. Life is just too short to despise the body that you live in. You were fearfully and wonderfully made... made to have, in this lifetime, one body and one mind.  Healthy is beautiful.  Strong is beautiful.  Your body was meant to move, find a way to move it that makes you happy.  Fuel your body with food that doesn't fill you with regret.  See the beauty in other people.  Seriously, look around. Chances are that you, like me, are surrounded by some gorgeous people.  Appreciate it.  And no, I don't mean lust after them (get your head out of the gutter!).  I'm not afraid to tell you that the people in my life are stunning, inside and out.  The most beautiful people I know are people who can preach and pray down heaven, people who can sing like angels, people who parent so patiently, people who run like the wind, people who make other people laugh, people who can fight like Jacob fought God.  Honestly there is nothing more beautiful than a person doing exactly what they were put on this planet to do.  Admire the people in your life.  Compliment them liberally and freely.

I will never again be as young as I am right now. Today is simultaneously the oldest I have ever been and the youngest I will ever be again.  This thought crossed my mind as I was stretching on the living room rug, attempting to work toward my center split for my martial arts class.  I looked at my husband and asked if what I was doing was completely ridiculous.  After all, I remember being 13 stretched out on my parent's living room rug attempting to get the same center split for ballet class.  Am I too old to be doing this now?  Ya know what?  Maybe I am.  Maybe it is silly.  Maybe (certainly) I do look ridiculous.  But ya know what else? I won't be any younger or less ridiculous tomorrow.  I love martial arts and consider it a gift, and so what if I found it at 29-30 instead of 9 or 10 years old.  It makes me happy.  If I decide to take up snowboarding at 40 or skydiving at 50 I hope I can be just as fearlessly ridiculous.


  1. GREAT post! I love being fearlessly ridiculous! :D

  2. "Fearlessly Ridiculous!" I LOVE that! (And by the way- I appreciate YOU!)


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