Sunday, October 21, 2012

Countdown to Raceday! (7 Days)

In exactly one week I will run my first marathon. This is a moment, I am told, that is life changing. With that in mind, I feel compelled to prepare myself mentally for such a momentous occasion by reflecting on what it is exactly that I appreciate so much about this sport that I love. So, each day leading up to race day, time permitting, I will be blogging about something running related that I am thankful for. Here it goes!

Pacing my oldest daughter at the Tallmadge Labor Day 5K

This is something I think, most runners take for granted. After all, running is the most natural thing in the world! Kids everywhere run miles each day without even thinking about it. But honestly, not everyone CAN run. Some people, do to health or physical limitations find themselves unable to run. Whether these limitations are due to lifestyle choices, injury or simply an issue of genetics is irrelevant. I am not among the that group of people. I have been afforded a body that is able to run twenty plus miles. That my friends is a gift! And it is important that I remind myself that. When I am facing a long run, I don't "have to" run eighteen miles, I "GET TO" run eighteen miles! I am grateful for the ability to run and I want to appreciate every moment I spend doing it! Running, for me, is not a means to reaching an end goal, it is the goal! And for the ability to do it, I am eternally thankful!

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