Monday, October 22, 2012

Countdown to Raceday! (6 Days)

I stopped and snapped this on my run this morning.

When I'm out on the trails, my favorite platform for running, I am often awestruck by the majesty of the world around me! I marvel at God's creation, his imagination, the shear unbridled beauty of my surroundings. But such reverence isn't limited to the time I spend in the woods. Even running down city streets I am extra aware of the beauty that surrounds me. I marvel at architecture and large structures as I pass by. I revel in the power of the sun & find myself looking at the sky with amazement as a big storm rolls in.

I took this pic on a 21 miler a few weeks ago. AMAZING!!
I've heard people say that they feel connected with nature when they trail run and I know what they mean. I can think of no better way to see the world than running! But it's not nature I feel more connected to. It's God. When I run I take in the beauty of his creation. I see with my own eyes his infinite creativity! No two trees are quite the same. No two sunrises or sunsets, no two thunderstorms or snowflakes or animals are exactly like each other. Think of that. Imagine the creativity that must go into refusing to replicate anything identically! There is beauty and uniqueness in everything around us! Even our ability to imagine & create is a part of that! Wherever we run, whether in the woods or the mountains, downtown or in the suburbs, along a lake or an ocean pier, we are surrounded by beauty! And for that I am eternally thankful.  

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  1. Beautiful photos! And it's so refreshing to know that amongst all the negativity and selfishness in the world, that people DO still stop and admire the beauty around us and do not take it for granted. Even when they are panting, sweaty, and with an elevated heart rate :) Good luck with the marathon!!!!!!


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