Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Running Solo - A Child's 5k Report

Picture Courtesy of Daniel Dudek
This past Memorial Day, we ran our first race as a family of 8! Nate ran with Noah (6years) and pushed our two little boys (age 2years and 6mo) in our jogging stroller.  I pushed our two little girls (3years and 18mo) and ran with Lilli (7years).  (BIG thank you to Bruce & Brenda who lent us their stroller so we could do this!) This was Lilli's 8th or 9th 5K, and she was ready to rock and roll!  Due to our giant stroller, we lined up in the back. At about a quarter mile into the race we were still pretty penned in by other runners.  Lilli was itching to break free.  I'll never forget the look on her face when she turned, told me that she'd be sure to drink at the water stations, and disappeared into the crowd.  Here is the race report in her own words:

The Report:

Well, it was super hot and I ran all by myself for the first time.  I didn't really decide to leave mom, I just didn't want to go slow.  There was a time clock at the first mile.  It was the fastest I had ever run one mile. 10:07. I felt super good about that time.  The hills were tough, but I ran up most of them. At the turnaround a lady put up a sprinkler so all the runners could get wet.  It felt really good to cool off.  At the halfway point I got a little nervous that no one would be at the finish line to stay with me while I waited for mom. But our friend Norm was there to meet me at the finish line.  He wasn't running the race or anything.  He just came to cheer us on.  I felt super good when I crossed the finish line on my own. I did my best ever PR, 32:07. The End.

The Interview:

ME: What do you like best about running?
LILLI: Its fun and I think it's cool to be a fast runner and hearing everyone cheer for you.

ME: What is your favorite course to run?
LILLI: The Tallmadge Labor Day 5K.  Mostly flat with one big hill.

ME: Was it scary running all by yourself?
LILLI:  A little bit.

ME: What's Next?
LILLI:  I want to be an Olympic marathoner.

ME:  Oh really?  When do you plan to run your first marathon?
LILLI:  Ummm, either when I'm 22 or 17. 

ME:  What made you decide to take up running in the first place?
LILLI:  I don't know.  My mom and dad were running and I wanted to try it.

ME:  Do you like to run with music.
LILLI: No music! 

ME: What is your advice for other runners?
LILLI: Always try your best!
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
Don't eat a lot before you run.
Make sure your shoes are broken in.
Don't hold your breath.

Well, there you have it folks, 5K as seen through the eyes and feet of a 7 year old girl.  May we all run as confidently, fearlessly, and joyfully as she does!  

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