Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gotcha Day!

Faith adjusting her shin guards after soccer practice.
As I type this post Chanda is at the movies with our three year old, Faith. It's a rare treat in a family with six children for any one child to get alone time with mom but today is a special day. Today is Faith's "Gotcha Day", the anniversary of the day we stood in court and as a family, pressed down the seal on her adoption certificate. The day she was declared ours forever.

Faith may never fully understand the significance of this day because to her, very little changed. We literally got her the day she was released from the hospital. She has known no other home than ours. But that day, pressing down the seal on that certificate meant a whole lot more than knowing who would raise her into adulthood. It meant a future. A chance to go to a good school and to receive a good education. It meant never having to worry about where she would be sleeping that night or if there would be food to eat tomorrow. It meant being exposed to healthy food and an active lifestyle. It meant a stable childhood with parents who would teach her how to make wise decisions about her faith, education, food, fitness, relationships and family.

And so today we celebrate! Not with cake and ice cream or cookies for breakfast but with a movie and some one on one time with the parent of her choice. This evening will be filled with dinner, soccer practice, karate and church but for now she will enjoy a few hours alone with mom.

We'd like to invite you to celebrate with us! Post a comment below about what you do as a family to stay fit and active and you will be entered into our drawing to receive four free admissions to the indoor theme park at Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin Dells! All comments left between now and Friday, May 19th at 10pm EST will be entered. The tickets are good for a year and would make a fantastic weekend getaway filled with running and playing!

So join in the celebration! Share what you do to keep your family fit and together we can raise up a healthier generation!