Friday, April 20, 2012

Road ID Review and Giveaway


About two months ago, after Chanda posted Chicago on My Heart announcing that she would be racing the Chicago Half Marathon for charity, as we were discussing how our summer would look and the multiple trips to Chicago she would be taking to meet and train with her coach, I began to panic. Where will they be training? What if she gets separated from the team and gets lost or injured? Chicago is a six hours away!

Now don't get me wrong. I am not some sort of overbearing husband. Chanda is a big girl. She can take care of herself and I rarely worry about her. But her making routine trips to run in a city so far away is unfamiliar territory for me. I wanted a little piece of mind.

Enter the Road ID.

It's a simple concept. An engraved stainless steal tag showing vital information in case of an emergency is attached to your arm by a bracelet made of comfortable material. It was just what she needed! While I was ordering it I ordered one for myself too as Chanda is a worrier and frequently frets while I'm out running trails and roads alone here in our home town.

When we received our Road ID's I must confess that I was thoroughly impressed! The quality was stellar! I was so impressed that I immediately got online and ordered them for our two oldest children (5 and 7) who run 5k and 10k distances themselves.

Fortunately, after two months our RoadID's still have not saved our lives. But I am convinced that this is an item every runner should have. In the event of an emergency, wearing it could be the difference between life and death! Chanda and I are so convinced of this that we want to give one away to our readers!


OK. Here's how it works! In order to be eligible to receive the free Road ID you must:
  1. Follow us on twitter! (@runwithkids
  2. Send out the following tweet: I just entered to receive a free @roadid from @runwithkids! Visit to enter!
Don't have twitter?

You can also enter by subscribing (top right corner) and then leaving a comment below.

That's it! The contest ends at 10pm EST on Friday, April 27th and the winner will be drawn at random. We hope to have lots of contestants! Run safe everyone!

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